You are:

*Busy professionals and parents, who struggle balancing the crazy demands of work and family life with a healthy diet.

*People who don’t know, don’t have time, energy or motivation to cook healthy food from scratch… let alone washing up piles of dirty dishes!

*Celiac, gluten or dairy free, food allergies and intolerance, IBS, weight loss or just health conscious and need to sort your diet out right now!

*Recovering from a serious health issue such as major surgery, this is the time to have restorative food to hand.

*A new mother who needs to eat well but just hasn’t the time to even think about food.

You want:

*To get home after an exhausting day to find your fridge and freezer filled up with healthy food, made just for you.

*To take control of your health and well-being once and for all and it makes you feel good.

*To finally have time to do the things you want and like and spend time with the people you love.


My name is Eva Andres and I am here for you:

I fill your fridge and freezer with healthy nutritious food!

I guaranty:

*A good quality and value for money with high quality ingredients (as much as possible: organic, locally sourced and seasonal)

*Nutrient dense food that can have a profound impact on your health and well-being.


My prices include:

Initial consultation, recipe research, menu planning, transportation (gas), cost of food, preparation of meals (time and utilities), labeling and detailed heating instructions. Packaging costs will depend on how you want your meals packaged. I will use your own containers or purchase any needed packaging supplies and add it to your bill.


Is always made the week following your purchase. For example, if you purchase a Fridge Filling meals pack on a Wednesday, I will contact you before the weekend (you can also contact me) to find out your diet restrictions, allergies, and your food preferences. Your meals are customed to match your taste and can be easily adjusted to your 100% satisfaction.

I will design your menu over the weekend and send you my ideas for approval. Once you are happy with it, we decide a delivery date. I buy all the ingredients the day  we agreed on for the delivery (or the day before if we agreed on a early day delivery) and I prepare your meals. I deliver them to you at your place, at a time that suits you best. I understand that you are working hard, so I can deliver all day long, including early morning and late evening.

Reheating, Thawing, Freezing & Chilling advises:

You can choose two types of containers : glass or plastic. I strongly recommend the glass containers as they are 100% safe for your health, limitlessly reusable, and can be recycled if it ever brakes. I can also come by your house to pick up your own containers. I always make sure that containers are safe to use in freezers, fridges, microwaves and ordinary ovens (glass containers only).

As soon as you receive my meals, put them in your fridge. If you don’t plan to eat it all in 3-4 days, please freeze them in their containers. My meals should be fine and safe to eat even after that time but based on rules from health & safety department I must advise.

When thawing frozen food you MUST do it overnight in your fridge (never ever outside if you want a good quality and bacteria free meal). As slow as possible to ensure minimum molecule damage. Do not refreeze.

I like to advise to reheat my food in oven: on low heat, 150°C/300°F convection. If you lack time, use microwave – always check that it is hot all the way through.

If you have any doubts about safety, don’t eat the food and contact me: (678)308-1852

Prices :

Please, contact me so we can build together a package around your needs. The price of the dishes depends on the length of time you engage yourself to be delivered for:

If you order just once (minimum of 3 dishes per order) : $15.5 / dish.

If you order food for a month (minimum of 3 dishes per week, for 4 weeks) : $13.5 / dish.

If you order food for 6 months (minimum of 3 dishes per week, 4 weeks a month) : $11.5 / dish.

In addition I always prepare a little something for my loyal customers for their birthday !

Contact me, we can always create a payment spread that will fit your budget.