Weather you have gathered a group of friends to enjoy a convivial moment with them or that you are alone for a one to one class, I will come to your place with the ingredients and tools to pass on my knowledge to you! So, what do you want to learn today?

I BUY the groceries, BRING them to you, TEACH you and I CLEAN !


Hourly rate: $30/h for one person, and an additional $10/h for any additional student.


You like exploring the aisle of the famers markets but you don’t always know how to cook the products you find there? This package is designed for you!

Take some time to learn how to enhance each season’s gift:

* You make from scratch the dish/dishes of your choice.

* I give you tips regarding how to pick seasonal products.

* Ask me and I’ll make the wine pairing with your meal.


You like good wines but don’t know them that well? This package is designed for you!

Explore the wine-growing areas all around the world, learn how to taste the wine, discover the technical vocabulary, the grape varieties as well as all the steps of the wine-making process.

* I organize for you an exceptional adventure, adapted to your level.

*Ask me and I’ll pair your wine with cheese.


You have a sweet tooth and want to learn more about cakes & candies? This package is designed for you!

Macaroons, charlottes, éclairs or financiers: pastry won’t have any secrets for you.

* I teach you all the technics to amaze your guests and please your taste buds!



You don’t see a package that works for you? Contact me and we can build a package around your needs.